Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Staff Meeting

Today I presented at our school's staff meeting.   My principal asked me to help him explain how to use the new program we're using, AVID, and how to apply it to a Common Core lesson.  I was initially excited to present.   For the past three years I have held an extra title besides my classroom teacher title of Common Core Demonstration Teacher.  I will explain in later posts what this job entails, but for now I'll tell you that I get the perk of going to any conference, anywhere in the United States that interests me.  It has been a great three years!

So I was very excited to be trusted to share my hard earned knowledge and experience with my peers.  I chose to demonstrate a lesson on Close Reading which focuses on the conference "Falling in Love with Close Reading" by Christopher Lehman and Kate Roberts.  I spent a weekend gathering my thoughts, rereading the book I got at the conference, and making a really great PowerPoint.

And today I presented my lesson.  It was actually a bit of a let down.  If you continue to read my entries, you will easily find that I am a huge introvert.  Presentations are very hard for me, but I do them to overcome my fears and grow.  I figure that if I am asking my students to subscribe to the Growth Mindset, that I must do the same.  I also present because I think I have some great knowledge within me and if I want to help educate the future generation it doesn't stop within my classroom.  If I can influence a few teachers, than my influence and knowledge multiplies exponentially.

But I am off topic... back to the presentation today.  It went fine.  Everyone present was respectful.  The teacher who always sleeps at meetings was awake so that's a good thing.  The principal loved the lesson and what it represented, although he did leave for a portion of the meeting.  It is hard to put my finger on the problem but I think I just get so excited about teaching a lesson that I feel let down if I cannot successful transfer this passion to other educators.

I wonder if it is the presentation.  I sometimes feel that I talk over their heads.  But when I plan for the discussion, I don't want to bore them or insult their intelligence with ideas that are too basic.   It is hard to ask for true feedback also.  No one wants to hurt my feelings by telling me what I really need to know.  I hear, "That was a great presentation!" and "Good job!"  But I know something is missing...  It is lonely sometimes being in this position but I know it will be worth it in the end.  I just have to remember that my goal is to share my knowledge with other educators.  The more times I practice presenting, the more I can reflect, and the more I grow! Thank you for helping me reflect!

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