Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Planting Baby Trees

My first entry on this blog is titled "Staff Meeting".  In this entry I talk about a presentation I gave on a Common Core topic to my peers at a staff meeting.  The short version of this event is that I felt very excited and passionate about sharing my hard earned Common Core knowledge, but let down when it looked as if I was unable to communicate my ideas well at the meeting.

Well today, two weeks after the meeting someone brought it up.  It was actually the teacher from which I felt the highest resistance.  She told me that she was trying out my strategy!  She confided that she felt a little nervous about teaching something so new to her students, yet very excited about trailblazing forward with the Common Core Standards.

After this conversation I was amazed.  The teacher and friend who never said a comment to me after my presentation about what I presented was secretly trying the strategy out on her students!   It made me wonder if this teacher was pondering my Common Core strategies, maybe others are privately considering them also.  It made me think of an article I just read today by Elena Aguilar, "20 Tips for New Instructional Coaches".  Step #18 said to be patient and to "imagine each conversation as a baby tree you plant."   I realized today that I need to trust the process.  If I have something to share, than I need to share it and not worry about the outcomes.  If it is good advice, it will be taken, if not at the moment, then later after it has had time to be processed.

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