Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Common Core Conversations within the Community

Every Wednesday my son takes music lessons at a studio.  I love these Wednesday evenings because I wait for him in the cozy diner next door.  It is the perfect kind of hole in the wall establishment where everyone is a regular and everyone knows your name.  It is the perfect place to get a coffee and dessert and do some blogging.

Today I just wrote the entry titled "Socratic Seminar".   Right when I finished it, my son came up to the table, just having finished his lesson.  While settling in, he asked to see what I had wrote about.  I noticed that while he was reading, our waitress was looking over his shoulder to take a look also.  She did not know that I had just wrote it, and because I have not yet posted my picture, it is pretty anonymous looking.  When I look at it from her point of view,  and distance, what she sees is "Loving Common Core".

This is where the story starts.  She exclaims, "You people love Common Core?"  Oh my gosh!  My son and I were about to fall out of our seats laughing!  Little did she know that not only are we reading about Lovin Common Core, I am the author!  But what happened next is the reason I write my blog.  She began talking about how her son is struggling right now with Common Core math.  All three of us started dialoguing about our experiences with Common Core.  It was an interesting conversation because we got three different view points.  She represented the parent, my son the student, and myself the teacher.  We only spoke for about 10 minutes and none of us really agreed on anything, but it felt so good to discuss and hear other sides of the Common Core Coin.   Getting more people to talk about education, whether it is in our schools, in our homes, or even in restaurants with our waitress, is a huge step to ensure a successful future for our children. 

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